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Written By: Anginetta Walker

Lady Boss Entrepreneur is a great community! You get to connect with like minded individuals, learn and grow your business. Check out Anginetta's website.

Written By: Carla Gardiner

Regina with Lady Boss Entrepreneur hosted a limited time sale on her services. Grabbing it up, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Within an hour she had every detail laid out, implemented and uploaded. Her service is top-notch and I can’t wait to watch my results from her knowledgeable promotion of my advertising. Check out Carla’s website

Written By: Christine Kerman

Hello, My name is Christine. Regina Ackley who runs Lady Boss Entrepreneur has been able to help me promote my home based biz. In addition she is always updating and adding many extra free resources to help give an extra flare to our online space. Whether it is Facebook, IG, Twitter or LinkedIn, Regina has it covered. You should reach out to her. She is most helpful and gracious. Check out Christine's website.

Written By: Dianne Sloboda

I was so happy to be able to join Regina Ackley's - Lady Boss Entrepreneur group. I was recommended by a great business friend, Linda Laflamme. Regina has so much to offer and keeps updating her services to the group and her website. I have grown my business, acquired many great business graphics from Regina and tons of exposure. I love how Regina ties in her paid services from the website to the groups and pages she has. Regina is also so nice and very professional and has a come as you are to grow attitude. Her group is positive, supportive and very productive. Thank you Regina for helping me grow my business and all you do! You are a Gem! Check out Dianne's website

Written By: Judy Nowakowski

Regina from Lady Boss is very helpful. Regina gets the word out and advertises for others at an affordable price. Her Facebook group has helped me get sells. Check out Judy’s website

Written By: Linda Laflamme

I had the pleasure of meeting Regina Ackley about 2 years ago and have been an active member and advertiser for her business ever since. Lady Boss Entrepreneur has a Facebook page and group for its members. I’ve met some lasting relationships here and network with like individuals. She also offers social media training, graphics and the opportunity to share our success with others. After many years in sales and direct sales I have learned a number of valuable lessons. Thank You Regina! Check out Linda’s website

Written By: Tina Kay Jones

I have been with Regina, Lady Boss Entrepreneur owner, almost from the beginning. She has always been such a joy to work with. The group is more like family & order from vendors from within when possible. Regina shares post, encourages follow groups, business pages, Pinterest, and Instagram! Come join us! We have fun! Check out Tina's website

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